Pero Defformero

When a guitarist got the idea to mix heavy metal and turbo-folk, this resulted in 1993 in the recording of two tracks. Then a singer joined in and the band expanded with a drummer and a bass-player. The bandname comes form a character in a comic.
When the amount of material got bigger, they went to a studio to record a début album. When it was released there were some changes in the line-up after which they entered the studio again. Then things went wrong and after some misunderstandings they even broke up in 1997. In 2003 a fan recognized some band members and he managed to get them together for a reunion. After this they made a new start.

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Pero Defformero (1995)
New Now (Demo 1998)
Demo 2006 (Demo 2006)
Underground (2009)
Jer to liči na taj način? (2014)