Pimea Metsa

The musical project Pimeä Metsä (“Dark Forest” in Finnish) begins in Madrid, in 2006. Surrounded by beer and friends, the idea of founding a northern Viking/folk metal band grew up strongly. February the next year they started playing and composing their first pieces. As thrill and expectations grew up, they felt it was time to look for new colleagues.
During this first period of changes and searching, the founding members of Pimeä Metsä didn’t waste time. They improved their musical skills, composed new songs and arranged the previous ones.
After several weeks of hard working, gigs and rivers of beer, the clan decided to record a demo CD. So then, “Beneath the northern lights” appears as home-made demo in 2010 (with a little help of Dani from Canalla Records making the final mix).
In 2013 they released a self-produced full length album.
In 2018 the curtain falls for this Spanish band.



Beneath the Northern Lights (EP 2010)
Legacy of the Heathen North (2013)
No Blood, No Glory (2016)




Not Active