Shane McGowan started a Punk band at First. But because his Irish background stuck on him, he formed The Pogues from the ashes of this band in 1984. Their original name was “Pogue Mahone”, an Anglicisation of the Irish ‘póg mo thóin’ (“kiss my ass”). Besides the usual rockinstruments they used accordion and tin whistle, and their music was a mix of punk, rock and Irish folk. The gigs of this band guaranteed a party every time. Shanes’ alcoholism started to affect the band more and more. Often he can’t stand on his feet when he’s on stage. And it happens more than once he has to be carried of the stage. In 1991 the Pogues and Shane MacGowan part ways, voluntarily or not has never become clear. The Pogues go on, but they never come back to the level they were before. Shane goes on in Shane McGowan @ the Popes. After a few years nostalgia for the good old times becomes to big, with the bandmembers and the fans. In 2001 there are a couple of concerts with the old members. This was a great success and so it’s repeated every year.
The Pogues are the founders of this genre and although almost nobody outside the scene seems to know The Pogues, almost everybody knows songs of the pogues or songs Shane sings along.

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 United Kingdom


Red Roses for me (1984)
Rum, Sodomy and the Lash (1985)
If I Should Fall From Grace with God (1988)
Peace and Love (1989)
Hell’s ditch (1990)
Waiting for Herb (1993)
Pogue Mahone (1995)
The Best of the Pogues (1997)
Essential Pogues (1991)
The Ultimate Collection (2005)
Dirty Old Town The Pogues (2005)
Box set The Pogues original albums series (2008)
Tribute to the Pogues (Various Artists 2016)