prophecy of volva

It was long ago, and may not be at all … but just for many centuries, is stored in the hearts and souls old legend, which is carefully passed down from father to son and from mother to daughter, in all the Scandinavian families. Prophecy of Volva … so people began to call ancient history, which happened at the dawn of time when the world is ruled by the great one, and the earth, inhabited not only people but also dwarfs, light and dark Alva (elves), forest dryads and evil giants grimtursary living on the edge land in its enchanted city Etunheyme. In those days, people had not yet overwhelmed thirst for gold, they lived in harmony with nature and with each other, and the charge of Midgard, mighty and fearless was the god of thunder by the name of Thor, tightly clutching the handle of his hammer.
This is the inspiration on which the music of Prophecy of Volva is build.

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Byl’ (EP 2010)
Imya (2013)
Severnyye sagi (2017)




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