Nowadays Folk-metal, is often made by bands using keys for the folksounds, but Rhovanion uses real authentic instruments for this, like bagpipes and whistles. This gives the music an entirely different atmoshpere.
The influences come from all kinds of music like folk-metal, folk and classical music.
Rhovanion plays also songs form bands like Eluveitie and Flogging Molly besides their own songs in the beginning, but soon they don’t have to do that anymore, because they have enough strong songs of their own. The use of authentic instruments like flute, bagpipes and violin makes this a very nice mix.
Their style develops more towards the folk-metal side and the band is growing steadily. Rhovanion had some line-up changes in 2014.
In 2017 they decide to quit.

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Nederland Netherlands


Land of the Wild (EP 2012)

Into the Forest (2016)
Midwinterfair 2013
FantasiaFest 2013
Skiltron + Rhovanion
Estrado (2013)
Drakkarfest 2012




Not Active