If one states Rossomahaars history is History in full measure, he’s wrong. Nevertheless, the bands foundation dates back to the beginning of 1995, when some members started working on few compositions which, this way or another, could be reckoned to the genre of black metal stylistically. Speaking about Rossomahaar as its been in the year 1995, one would easily say there wasnt much place for originality Those songs were issued in the shape of Grotesque demo later on, though. A fact worth mentioning: both musicians simultaneously played in Moscows dark metal act Stonehenge, which was considered top-priority then, and therefore Rossomahaars rehearsals took place quite rarely, to say the least. However; both came up with an idea of putting the songs they composed on tape Summer 1997, although personal and musical disagreements ruined the whole affair. Three tracks were recorded, but never issued anywhere.
The band lay still for a couple of years but came to a turning point in the year of 1998 when Lazar met someone who owned literally thousands of CDs and could define Rossomahaars potential much better than anyone else, and particularly Lazar. It was him who convinced Lazar of the importance of resurrecting Rossomahaar, and the latter began seeking those to complete the lineup.
Music changed drastically! Based upon raw and brutal riffs and ultramelodiousness, it simultaneously absorbed a lot of styles of contemporary metal subculture.
The year of 2000 Rossomahaar exhaustingly toured all over Russia, and experienced some line-up changes after that.
At the moment the line-up of the band is almost the same as Arkona.



Grotesque (Demo 1997)
Imperium Tenebrarum (1999)
Quaerite Lux in Tenebris… (2002)
Regnum Somni (2003)
Live and Die in Moscow (2003)
A Divinity for the Worthless (Compilation 2004)
Moscow (The Sanguine Reign of Terror) (EP 2006)
The Sanguine Live in Terror (Video 2007)
Moscow (The Sanguine Reign of Terror) II (EP 2010)
The Reign of Terror (2010)
Isaiah 14:12 (Single 2018)