The sound of a battle being fought on a far off ocean. The smell of gunpowder from a pirate’s duel. The excitement of the quest for treasure in the days of heritage. These are the senses brought to mind and embodied by Rumahoy, the greatest pirate metal band in all of the Caribbean Sea.

Formed in the ancient North Carolinian fishing village of Ocracoke, Rumahoy first set sail in 2012 when vocalist Captain Yarrface was experimenting with the musical heritage of his ancestors. He quickly assembled a full lineup for the band drawn from diverse parts of the country, with hand-picked members chosen for their seafaring abilities and their thirst for rum and treasure. Joined by Bootsman Walktheplank on guitar, Cabinboy Treasurequest on bass, and Swashbuckling Pete on drums, Captain Yarrface has just one message for everyone: “WELCOME TO THE SEA!”.

Rumahoy logo



Yarr Demo 2012 (Demo 2012)
Heritage Tales: The Very Best of Rumahoy (Compilation 2013)
The Triumph of Piracy (2018)
Time II Party (2019)