Salduie is a folk-metalband, founded in 2010 in Zaragoza, Spain.
From the lands of the ancient sedetanos, Salduie combine History and traditional instruments with all the forcefulness of modern metal with melo-death and djent influences.

In music, Salduie incorporates traditional wind and string instruments such as flutes, bagpipes, bouzouki, violin, mandolin, or banjo adding lyrical and guttural voices. This, added to the base formed by seven-string guitars, bass and drums, gives rise to a powerful and epic sound, but also melodic.

Salduie’s albums are characterized by being based on exhaustive research on the History, customs and mythology of the Iberian and Celtiberian peoples, giving each of their albums a depth that allows them to enjoy while learning. The recent collaboration of experts in the field of the university field, such as Alex Manchón, has further promoted this firm commitment to History through music.

They released a debut full length album ‘Imbolic’ in 2014.



La senda del cierzo (Single 2013)
Imbolc (2014)
Belos (2016)
Viros Veramos (2019)
Ambaxtos (2021)