Saor started as a solo-project from Scotland creating Atmospheric Celtic Black Metal. After some projects, this one was launched with the name Àrsaidh. Former projects of A. are Askival and Falloch. The project started in 2012 and in 2013 the debut-album ‘Roots’ was released. But later that same year they decided to change the name into Saor and the project received quite some nice comments. So, they started playing with a full live band as well.


Saor’s spectacular Aura (2014)

Saor logo



Alba (Demo 2007) (Askival)
Eternity (2009) (Askival)
Roots (2013) (Arsaidh/Saor)
Aura (2014)
Guardians (2016)
Forgotten Paths (2019)
Origins (2022)