In 1988 a bunch of merry musicians had the idea to play some folkpieces in the fresh summer air with a glass beer in one hand. Then they added some covers to their repertoire, but needed an electric guitar and bongo’s for this. This made an end to playing Music in the garden and they had to enter a rehearsal-room. After a while they were tired of playing only covers and so they wrote their First song. Medieval folkrock, a new phenomenon. Schandmaul is one of the most successful bands in this genre. Their Music is not very heavy, but has tons of atmosphere.



Wahre Helden (1999)
Von Spitzbuben und andere Halunken (2000)
Narrenkönig (2002)
Hexenkessel (Live 2003)
Wie Pech und Schwefel (2004)
Immer Noch Wach (Single 2005)
Bin Unterwegs (Single 2005)
Kunststück (Live 2005)
Kein Weg zu Weit (EP 2006)
Mit Leib und Seele (2006)
Die Tür In Mir / Der Untote (Single 2006)
Anderswelt (2008)
Sinnbilder (DVD 2008)
Sinnfonie (DVD 2009)
Sinnfonie (Live 2009)
Hexeneinmaleins (Single 2010)
7 auf Einen Streich, Die Sammlerbox (2010)
Traumtänzer (2011)
So Weit, So Gut (2013)
Unendlich (2014)
Schandmäulchens Abenteuer (2014)
Leuchtfeuer (2016)
Artus (2019)
Knüppel aus dem Sack (2022)

Wacken 2014
Concert Bochum 2012)