Born in a forge with a mother of fire (2007 in Essex!) Shieldwall is a solo project with all music written and recorded by The Pendragon (who joined Annwn later on bass). The music brings tales of the blood and iron of the Shieldwall.
The four songs that make up the ‘Blood and Iron’ demo were recorded for fun to see if a simple sword scarred warrior from the South could produce decent folk metal music. After some positive feedback on the internet it was decided to put out the demo.
Thanks to the way that people supported the music the Shieldwall banner was raised and The Pendragon set out with new inspiration. In this way ‘Lloegyr’ (meaning the lost land) was created. The album was self released and financed.
After 2013 nothing is heard from the band.

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 United Kingdom


Blood and Iron (Demo 2007)
Lloegyr (2008)
Bless the Rain (Single 2013)



Not Active