sir reg

Sir Reg is an energetic band from Sweden playing Celtic rock/punk. On vocals is an Irishman who left his hometown of Dublin to come to Sweden to fulfill his dream of putting together the most amazing band possible. All the members have diverse and interesting musical backgrounds.
Sir Reg is a band that took a long time in the making. For almost a decade, under the name The Barcrawlers, the core of the band gigged its ass off all over Scandinavia playing Irish pub songs at every venue imaginable. It all started in 2002 when Brendan, Karin and Karin’s brother (former member Erik Ullvin) began rehearsing covers and Irish traditionals for a show at a local bar. Brendan had just recently moved to Sweden from Ireland and was in dire need to continue doing what he loved doing before he moved – singing and playing.
After many winding roads and several hundred shows under their belt, they felt content – they had achieved all that they had set out to do as a “pub band”. The members of The Barcrawlers decided it was about time for the next chapter and start making music that they themselves wanted to make. Sir Reg (pronounced “Sir. Redge”) was born.
In 2010 they released the self-titled ”SIR REG”, an eight-track mini album. Catchy melodies, strong choruses, personal lyrics, violins, banjos, flutes, accordions, mellotrons and distorted guitars all got thrown into the upbeat tempo blender.



Sir Reg (2010)
Far Away
A Sign of the times (2011)
21st Century Loser
Modern Day Disgrace (2016)
The Underdogs (2018)
Kings of Sweet Feck All (2022)