Skald was formed in 2005 with a burning desire to play folk metal. It was decided early on that the music should be made just by the two founders and only for them as well. Thus, the two demos were quickly created and distributed for free online.
The duo then planned to take things a bit more seriously and trying to record a proper promo which would be sent to various labels. But they had only begun their planning when the Swedish record label Unexploded Records offered to release one MCD with Skald.
Skald then decided that they had enough experience and motivation for a full-length album. So they released “Vitterland” in 2011. The album featured real drums for the first time and a more mature approach to the songwriting. Some of the songs which never made it to the full-length album were released as a digital 5-year anniversary EP under the name “Fjällälven”.

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Sagor från skogstjärnen (Demo 2006)
Trolska Vemodsband (Demo 2006)
I En Svunnen Tid (EP 2008)
Fjällälven (EP 2010)
Vitterland (2011)




Not Active