Skyforger forges its music in the forgery of the god of thunder since 1995. The create Latvian Pagan Metal, an extreme mix of traditional Baltic Folk and several metal styles, from black Metal to the heavy metal from the eighties. This unique combination is causing them to have fans in the metal as well as in the folk-scene. Their demo has tales of free tribes in the Baltic area and their fights against the Christian intruders in the 13th Century. This was strongly inspired by Norwegian Black metal. The stories are expanded on the following album. The third album had as a main theme the Lithuanian soldiers from World War I. In 2002 they released ‘Thunderforge’, which is going back to their ancestors and their heathen gods. The following album was one with pure Lithuanian folk-music.
A gig of Skyforger stands for true folk-metal, with a very big part for whistles, bagpipe and kokle.

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Semigalls’ Warchant (Demo 1997)
LIve at Black Friday, Riga (Split 1997)
Kauja pie Saules (The Battle Of Saule) (1998)
Latviesu strelnieki (Latvian Riflemen) (2000)
Perkonkalve (Thunderforge) (2003)
Zobena Dziesma (Sword Song) (2003)
Semigalls’ Warchant (Compilation 2005)
Kurbads (2010)
Senprūsija (2015)
Senprūsijá Live (CD/DVD 2015)

North Winds over Europe (2016)
Skyforger Nijverdal (2009)