Solarcycles can be characterized as a folk metal/rock band, but in reality the result of a unique combination of influences from different musical genres. The roots of Solarcyles are in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands where singer Sascha and guitarist Iwan started in 2014 with the first songs in which atmospheric elements from Celtic folk music were combined with powerful features of Metal and Rock. Soon drummer Ralf joined and in 2015 violinist Silvana and keyboardist Frank made the band complete.

Solarcycles has worked hard on their own sound, in which tight drum parts and brutal melodic guitar riffs lay the foundation for the solid compositions in which floating classical / Celtic-colored violin parts and melodic notes resonate with the echoes of traditional Celtic and Scandinavian folk music. All this is completed by the vocals that are characterized by influences from the British Indie pop scene with a Celtic edge: that extra something that makes Solarcycles so special!
Solarcycles released a first EP called Ethereal Storms in 2017.

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Ethereal Storms (EP 2017)
Lunar (2023)