Spire is the folk-metal side projects of one of the oldest Moscow sympho-black groups Despair, which history traces back to the beginning of the century. Since 2012 when we got our precious gem – amazing girl with her medieval bagpipe – its music program has been enriched with new folky musical content, and the group have participated in as well-known folk-festivals as “May Tree” in Vyborg and Folk Summer Fest in Gus’-Khrustalny under the name of Despair. Today we’d like to represent, now under the name of SPIRE, our medieval-metal program – the great combination of the tunes acknowledged and honored by centuries, wicked guitar riffs, atmospheric keyboard tunes and wild bagpipe sound from hell. And all these coming together in the same beat, to which make your body break into a dance.

Spire logo



Schattentanz (EP 2015)
Tume Veel (2017)
Sügis (2020)