subway to sally

This seven-piece band was founded in 1992 in Potsdam. They got a big number of fans by good performances and strong albums. They’re one of the big German acts nowadays and well know for their excellent live shows. The rock and metal is enriched with Medieval Music. Bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, violin, lute, mandolin and flutes. Subway to Sally sols 230.000 album in the First 10 years of their existence and they played many festivals as Wacken and Rock am Ring.
In 2006 they do an acoustic tour ‘Nackt’ for which a lot of songs are re-arranged. In 2011 they do another acoustic tour with totally different songs, something which is highly appreciated by their fans.
In 2012 they release an album with a lot of Subway to Sally songs which are performed by other bands. This album is only available for their fans at their Eisheilige Nacht tour.
The medieval elements in the band fade a little, and their style becomes darker with albums like Schwarz im Schwarz and Mitgift.