SuidAkrA’s roots lie in 1994 when the singer/guitarist and the drummer start the band Gloryfication. After two demo albums and the addition of another member the name is changed. Their basis is a mix of Black and traditional heavy metal, enriched with folk-elements. The album “Auld Lang Syne” had lyrical themes base don the ideologies form the Celtic mythology. The band was successful and stood at Wacken Open Air in 1998. The band wasn’t completely safisfied with the sound on this album and choose to work with an new producer. The next album was a giant step forward in the development of the band. They mix a lot of styles easily. This makes SuidAkrA popular with gothic, power metal and black metal fans. After the release of the album ‘The Arcanum’ Marcel decides to leave the band, he remains only active in the writing of lyrics. The drummer also leaves the band, but the band manages to fill in these gaps in a perfect way. The “Emprise To Avalon” is totally dedicated to the legend of King Arthur. After this the band gets a permanent bassist.
In 2003 for the First time in the history of SuidAkrA all member have part in the songwriting. And when Marcel Schoenen returned to the band in 2005 the folk is coming back in the SuidAkrA sound. The album Caledonia is a guide through the old proud Scotland. The proud Picts and their war against the Roman empire.


Highly appreciated by (2013)



Dawn (Demo 1995)
Lupine Essence (1997)
Auld lang syne (1998)
Lays from afar (1999)
The Arcanum (2000)
Emprise to Avalon (2002)
Signs for the Fallen (2003)
Command to Charge (2005)
Caledonia (2006)
13 Years of Celtic Wartunes (Compilation 2008))
Crógacht (2009)
Book of Dowth (2011)
Eternal Defiance (2013)
Realms of Odoric (2016)
Cimbric Yarns (2018)
Echoes of Yore (2019)
Lupine Essence (2020)
Wolfbite (2021)

Heidenfest 2013
Wacken 2013
Black Trolls over Europe 2011
Black Troll Winterfest 2011
Wacken 2011