Summoning was founded in 1993. The band released 2 demos’, which sold well in a cd-shop in Vienna. After a change in the line-up two albums were recorded. All band-members participated in other bands and projects as well. After the first album the drummer was kicked out of the band because he got way to commercial. The remaining members didn’t want another drummer and kept on working with bombastic Medieval keyboard percussion sounds. The two remaining members played all instruments themselves on the second album. This album was completely inspired by the work of Tolkien, just like their later work. From 1997 until 1999 the band wasn’t active, because of the activity of the members in their other bands. When the album “Stronghold” was released this opened all ears and eyes. Summoning was back.

Summoning logo



Upon the Viking Stallion (demo 1993)
Anno Mortiri Domini (demo 1994)
Promo Tape (demo 1994)
The Urilia Text (split 1994)
Lugburz (1995)
Minas Morgul (demo 1995)
Minas Morgul (1995)
Dol Guldur (1997)
Nightshade Forests (EP 1997)
Stronghold (1999)
Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame (2001)
Lost Tales (EP 2003)
Oath Bound (2006)
Sounds of Middle Earth (box 2007)
Old Mornings Dawn (2013)
With Doom We Come (2018)