Svarga” is founded in 1997. The unusual name comes from the Slavic mythology: svarga – a heavenly realm of the gods.
Until 1999, the group plays doom pagan-metal, based on Slavic mythology. During these two years their playing style is changing and becoming more aggressive sound and evolves in Slavonic pagan-metal. At the same time the keyboard is changed in accordion, which is immediately reflected in the style, it becomes softer, with a lot of folk and acoustic inserts. We can say that there is a new style of performance group, which is characterized as a folk pagan-metal.
In 2000 the band released a limited edition his first demo album, “A dead river.” Over the next four years, the group is undergoing constant change in the line-up, but it did not prevent from giving concerts. In 2005 a first full length album, “Lights on the mounds” is released. And there will follow more albums by this band, sometimes with famous, Russian, guest-musicians.

Svarga logo



Через Мёртвую Реку (Demo 2000)
Огни на Курганах (2005)
Там, Где Дремлют Леса… (2007) Кровь – Река (2009)
В Пасти Новой Войны (Single 2010)
Вольница (Single 2011)
Ветры Прощают Всё… (Live album 2011)
Moy Kray (EP 2014)
Chornaya Pad (2018)