When in 1353 the Black Riders were crossing Europe, the minstrels came to town with their bagpipes and drums and the women lost themselves in fell in dance rage (Tanzwut). With the nearing of a new millennium, this rage came back, this time in the shape of the German band from Berlin. Since 1999 this band is mixing medieval music and modern rock. Cutting electric guitar-riffs, bass and drums from the hard school create a rock and sometimes even a metal-feeling. The medieval tunes and bagpipes bring you to Medieval ecstasy.


Tanzwut brings the bagpipes to the Netherlands (2011)



Tanzwut (1999)
Im Labyrinth der Sinne (2000)
Ihr Woltet Spass (2003)
Tanzwut Live (2004)
Schattenreiter (2006)
Morus et Diabolus (Acoustic 2011)
Weisse Nächte (2011)
Höllenfahrt (2013)
Eselsmesse (2014)
Freitag der 13. (2015)
Schreib Es Mit Blut (2016)
Seemannsgarn (2019)
Die Tanzwut kehrt zurück (2021)

Weiße Nächte Tour (2011)
Hörnerfest 2011