tengger cavalry

Tengger Cavalry was initially formed as a one-man project of Nature Zhang in 2010 and released an EP called Tengger Cavalry in the same year. After the release of the first album Blood Sacrifice Shaman also in 2010, the band gained some attention and had reviews with international media including German magazine Legacy. Then the bassist joined the band. Tengger Cavalry did one performance in Beijing as Nature Zhang being the Horse Head Fiddle player.
After one year’s silence Tengger Cavalry released 2 albums at the same time in November of 2011 as a one-man project again. Sunesu Cavalry (Chinese version) combines North-Asian folk songs with heavy metal much more smoothly compared to the first album, and the sound quality along with mixing production improved vastly. Mantra is an experimental folk album using sorely acoustic instruments to interpret diverse kinds of North Asian folk music.
The release of the two album brought Tengger Cavalry with greater attention. In December of 2011, MTV published an article named Tengger Cavalry’s Black Metal For Pagan Hordes and gave high comments on the new works. At the same time, Chinese official media China National Radio gave high recommendation to the new songs of the band too. The success of the two albums brought the members together. The original bassist Wei Wang joined in the band again in the beginning of 2012, after which the drummer Kai Ding and Horse Head Fiddle player Xin Wang joined in.
In 2019 Nature Zhang died, which meant the end of Tengger Cavalry.