From ancient lands of battle and magic – Teshaleh (teh-SHAH-lay) brings heavy yet complex metal fused with authentic medieval melodies and instruments. Tales of warrior hordes, dark eyed sorceresses and the spirits of the old world are lustily sung to the sound of drinking horns being knocked together in great revelry. Guitars, bass, drums and keyboards roar and shimmer alongside lush harmonized vocals, medieval bagpipes, flutes, and other exotic sounds. Teshaleh was the culmination of years of planning and experimentation. Both founders have an enduring interest in folk and medieval metal bands such as Korpiklaani, Saltatio Mortis, Tanzwut, In Extremo – as well as neo-medieval bands like Faun and Corvus Corax and heavy metal bands such as Iron Maiden and Therion. Traditional hard rock sounds from Uriah Heep, Rush, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple also played a significant part in the project conceptualization. The writings of sword & sorcery authors such as Robert E Howard, Fritz Leiber, Michael Moorcock, et al, are inspiration for the band’s lyrics, themes and stage presence.Additionally the band draws upon the rich traditions of western Asian music and folklore. Teshaleh is a name constructed from various words meaning “fire” found from researching Proto-Indic and Iranian languages. Much of the musical texture and structure of the songs maintain an ethereal eastern flow over the booming heavy metal.


Fire From Maryland (2019)

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Born of Fire (EP 2019)