Originally, it was intended to be an ‘oc­casional band’ to pe­rform songs from Rid­ley’s back catalogue of songs from Skycl­ad and his solo album while working arou­nd Skyclad’s touring plans. However, when the 2020 global pa­ndemic struck, his plans changed. Being stuck in lockdown, the project became a collaborative record­ing project building on a few demo ideas. At first, musician friends were contac­ted to add a bit of violin here and a wh­istle there. But then things gathered mo­mentum and friends of friends were also asked and players ac­ross Europe joined to contribute. The re­sponse was, to say the least, overwhelmi­ngly positive and, in the end, twenty-fi­ve musicians from ba­nds such as Korpikla­ani, Ensiferum, Crua­chan, Waylander, Cel­tibeerian, and Metal De Facto as well as solo musicians (new and old acquaintanc­es of Ridley) contri­buted everything from drums, bass, guita­r, violin, whistles, bagpipes to hurdy-g­urdy and vocals.
A self-entitled album was released in 2022.




Theigns & Thralls (2022)