Inspired by the remaining wilderness in the north and west of Europe, they try to make this immortal. It’s obvious the lyrics are about myths, legends and the knowledge which came from these lands. Despite of the raw sound on their first demo, they draw the attention of pagan metal fans. The first real album which was released after they signed a record-deal was a huge improvement. And while this album sold well Theudho got to record a next one. The band was now not longer an solo-project, but had two members, shortly after this the line-up was expanded. The band transformed the whole Icelandic saga Volsunga in a metal album. And they got to perform live as well. The band signed with a German label.
The third album contained hard metal, epic melodies and bombastic elements.

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Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (Demo 2003)
Under the Alamennic Sun (Split 2004)
Wurðiz op (Demo 2004)
Threachery (2004)
The Völsunga Saga (2006)
Cult of Wuotan (2008)
Cult of Wuotan (Demo 2009)
The Silence EP (EP 2009)
War into the World (EP) (2011)
When Ice Crowns the Earth (2012)
Live Epitaph (Live 2012)
De Roep van het woud (2018)
Voorbij de Nevelen des Tijds (2022)