Troll Bends Fir

When Troll Bends Fir was playing in 2002 with “elfish dances on moonlit grass” they literally scared away some of the audience. They gave their folk-music over there in St. Petersburg they gave it a real Viking spirit and a solid sound. The band is an unusual one the modern folk-metal. The lyrics are mainly in Russian, but sometimes also in Icelandic and they contain of original folk. No big battles in their songs, but a lot of old taverns. Violins, flutes and a raw voice make Troll Bends Fir a decent band for the folk-metal fans which don’t like it at maximum metal.



Тролль Гнет Ель (2003)
Ethno Classics (Split 2003)
Сборник „Археология (2004)
Фолк Рок Форум (2005)
Праздник Похмеляйнен (2005)
Конунг Хмель (2007)
1516/Орден Пресветлого Хмеля (2009)
Oктоберфест (2010)
Brothers in Drinks (compilation 2011)
Hopheart (2013)
XV Let v ritme khmel’nogo serdtsa (DVD 2015)
Karjalali (2016)
Labyrinth of Trolls (2018)

Burgfolk 2014