Once, not that long ago, there were 4 trolls in the woods, waiting for some Christians like they usually did when they were hungry. Convenient to mention trolls are always hungry. They started drinking and they were doing this for quit a time. When they saw the bottom of the vessel, they heard something on the road. They smelt blood and walk quietly to the road. An what a terrific site for a hungry troll, a fat bishop, two priests, their fat wives and a group of minstrels. They dives upon the food and began to eat until they fell to the ground.
Violent as they were there was nothing left in no time. Just like most trolls they were curious by nature. They picked up the instruments and wondered what things this might be. They took the loot to their village and fortunately the instruments appeared to be magically tuned as troll-instruments and not in the merry Christian way. Trolls are not that smart, but this trolls had mead and as everyone knows, mead makes wise, smart and skillful in making music and singing. Well these trolls had plenty of it! So, picture this and you have… Trollfest.
A very nice chaotic, humorous mess, which is created with great skill.


A friend in mead is a friend indeed (2012)
Metalcamp chat with Trollfest (2011)

Trollfest logo



Promo (Demo 2004)
Willkommen Folk tell Drekka Fest! (2005)
Brakebein (2006)
Villanden (2009)
Uraltes Elemente (EP 2009)
En Kvest for den Hellige Gral (2011)
Brumlebassen (2012)
A Decade of Drekkadence (Compilation 2013)
Ave Maria (Single 2014)
Kaptein Kaos (2014)
Live at Alrosa Villa (Live album 2015)
Steel Sarah Single (2016)
Fräulein Helluva (Single 2017)
Helluva (2017)
Norwegian Fairytales (2019)
Happy Heroes (EP 2021)
Flamingo Overlord (2022)

Trollfest/Korpiklaani/Ensiferum USA Tour (2015)