Trollgasm started in 2008 as a solo project. A 3 track demo tape was recorded to the style of Isengard and Storm (Nor). The project was abandoned due to commitment to Tim’s other bands.
Almost a year Trollgasm was reformed. Trollgasm played its first show on Friday the 13th of November 2009 and have been a live band ever since. Even after recording a second demo entitled “Heineken”.
At the start of 2010 the band gained a rhythm guitarist to replace their live guitarist. A Deal was struck in 2010 with Aurora Australis Records to produce and re-release both Trollgasm demos on casette tape with a limit of 250 copies
In 2013 they release a first ‘real’ album ‘The Northern Winds’.


Trollgasm is always number 1 (2016)

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Ragnarok (Demo 2009)
Heineken (Demo 2010)
Demos (Compilation 2010)
The Northern Winds (2013)
Trollgasm/Rannoch Moor (split 2014)
Play Folk or Die (2016)




Not Active