Tuatha de Danann

Tuatha de Danann is a Brazilian band from Varginha in the Minas Gerais region, an important region in the history of Brazil. In this place the first fights against the imperialistic dominance took place. When the band started, its name was Pendragon at first. The purpose of the band was to mix styles, to create music which wasn’t be done before. Heavy metal, Celtic and Medieval music were mixed. They got nice critics, but especially because it was very unique. The name was changed in Tuatha de Danann, people of the goddess Danu. This fitted entirely with the themes which were used in their songs.
One of the members has made a solo-album as Braia, on this album somewhat more folk and rock.


Folk-metal heroes from the Brazilian countryside (2022)

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The Last Pendragon (Demo 1995)
Faeryage(Demo 1998)
Tuatha de Danann (EP 1999)
Tingaralatingadun (2001)
The Delirium Has just Began… (2002)
Trova di Danú (2004)
Tuatha De Danann Acoustic Live (DVD 2009)
Dawn of a New Sun! (Single 2014)
Dawn of a New Sun (2015)
Tuatha de Danann (EP 2016)
The Tribes of Witching Souls (2019)
In Nomine Éireann (2020)