When the leader and singer of metalband Scald died 6 September 1997 Yaroslavl, Russia, the band decided to quit. And they decided to form a new band with a whole new style and another lyrical concept. Tumulus is not only the title of one of the songs of the only CD Scald ever released. “Will of the gods is great power”, but it’s also a tribute to Agyl. When they were experimenting with their sound, there began to come more Slavic folk-elements in their music. Rhythm-changes, balanced compositions and other elements entered their music. Their style can be described as progressive metal, with clear lead vocals and folk instruments. Opposite to many other pagan metalbands their lyrics are about Slavic ceremonies and everyday Slavic spirituality, rites, ceremonial songs, the ghostworld and the feelings of people and their spiritual development. Tumulus is heavily influenced by poetry form the Silver Age. In 1999 their released a first demo. The band changes of members in the same period. In 2002 the band decides to record new songs and rerecord some older tracks to release a full length CD. The recordings knew a lot of problems and some recordings went even lost. And another change in their line-up followed. So this album could not be finished until 2004. This album was called ‘Kochevonov Plyas’.

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Krada (Demo 1999)
Vo Luzeh (Demo 2000)
Winterwood (Compilation 2004)
Sredokresie (2005)
Live balkan Path (Live 2006)
Kochevonov Plyas (EP 2008)
Vedai (2010)




Not Active