“Tyr’s musical mission is to break down the walls that are erected between all the kinds of metal that have arisen over the years…. Walls and labels do nothing but fill people with prejudice. Profession of the Christian Faith or Decapitation: This was the choice given by Sigmundur to the Faroese Vikings. And so it was that in 999 A.D., the Christianization of the small Faeroe Islands began, casting a veil of oblivion over the ancient Scandinavian gods and only leaving the relics of forgotten heathenry buried deep within the Christian ritual. Or so it was believed…
Exactly 999 years later, a small group fondly remembering the archaic gods and rites came together to form the Faroese Viking metal band, Tyr. The one-armed God of War” the bravest of all” became the eponym of the Nordic quartet. Tyr (also known as the God of Justice) is also revered for first seeking the avenues of diplomacy an attribute that does not take away from this god of war. Traditional music dating back to the Vikings, that is not preserved anywhere else in the world, not even in Iceland, is passed on in an oral tradition here and it is still alive and well. That’s what their music is built on. Following the release of a demo, six years of innumerable gigs, and several domestic television appearances, Tyr’s second full-length “Eric the Red” became the Islands best-selling album, coming to the attention of Napalm Records, the label that finally made the album available worldwide in 2006. Tyr embarked on numerous tours through Europe. One of the highlights was without a doubt the Aaskereia Festival tour with labelmates Alestorm and Hollenthon. Thanks to their efforts, the band reached many new fans with their memorable concerts.
In 2018 Terji leaves the band, a huge blow for the band.


Folk-metal.nl sits down with Heri (2018)

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Tyr (Demo 2000)
How far to Asgaard (2002
Lavur riddararos (single 2002)
Eric the Red (2003)
Ragnarok (2006)
Land (2008)
Black Sails over Europe (Split 2009)
By the Light of the Northern Star (2009)
The Lay of Thrym (2011)
Valkyrja (2013)
Hel (2019)
‘A Night at the Nordic House’ (2022)
Battle Ballads (2024)

Hörnerfest (2013)
Black Troll Winterfest (2011)
Dead Tyrants Tour 2011
Summerbreeze (2011)
Ragnarok Aaskereia’s tour (2008)
Paganfest 2008
Black Sails over Europe (2008)