Validor was formed in Athens, back in 2005 by songwriter, guitarist and lead vocalist Odi “Thunderer”. The original name of the band was Epic Storm under which their first demos were recorded.
In 2008 after a line-up change and the addition of a guitarist, the band changed the name to Validor.
The year after they entered “Sound Symmetry Studios” to record their debut album entitled ‘In Blood, In Battle’.
The sound of Validor is comprised of thrash and epic metal elements, constant rhythm changes, pummeling guitar riffs and fast and diverse vocals.
The lyrical themes are influenced by fantasy heroes like Robert. E. Howard’s “Conan”, Michael Moorcock’s “Elric of Melnibone” and Stephen King’s “Dark Tower”, as well as tales of ancient battles and pirates.
From 2011 it’s going to be one man band with Odi “Thunderer” on the vocals and lead-rhythm guitars having only session musicians to accomplish the album!
Besides of the lyrics there is no folk-metal on the ‘Full Triumphed’ album.

Validor logo



In Blood in Battle (2011)
Dawn of the Avenger (2012)
Hail to Fire (2016)
In Blood in Battle (2020)
Full Triumphed (2021)