From the beginning of their foundation Valkeat has been something different.
Modernizing the sounds and playing styles of the traditional Finnish instrument kantele, that according to legends was first played by Väinämöinen in the Finnish national epic Kalevala, the band has created their own unique soundscapes by melting together traditional Finnish kantele-music, deeply personal poetic Finnish lyrics and modern metal/hard rock to shape a sound of their own. Their custom-built electric kantele is truly something the world has not ever seen before.
After releasing a first demo early 2015, Valkeat soon took the notice of Finnish metal fans, cultural workers and kantele manufacturers alike. A record contract was soon signed with Redhouse FMP and collaboration with the premier Finnish kantele manufacturer family Koistinen Kantele, who have forged the sounds of Finnish kantele for generations, started soon afterwards.
After finishing their debut album late 2016, Valkeat is looking to take their own vision of new generation Finnish Folk Metal all across the world.

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Demo (2015)
Valkeat (2017)
Fireborn (2023)