Who doesn’t believe in ancient Norse Mythology…
After Vanir from the Netherlands died in battle they got a task form Odin to help people with mead, meat and metal. The Vanir appeared in Denmark this time, in the shape of a multitalented buch of Danish, with roots in the Black Metal, Funk, Classical Music, Death Metal, Opera and traditional Irish and Scottish Folk.
Nice background to dive in world of folk-metal. With sometimes pretty alcoholic interpretations of myths and legends they raid many places.
Unfortunately for the folk-metal fans, the band changed their style a bit and it were the folk-elements which got cut away.


Vanir unites melodic folk-metalaspects and Death metal brutality (2015)

Vanir logo



Jörmungandr (Demo 2010)
Særimners Kød (2011)
Drikkevisen (Single 2011)
Onwards into Battle (2012)
The Glorious Dead (2014)
Aldar Rök (EP 2016)
Allfather (2019)
10 Years of Mead and Metal (EP 2020)
Sagas (2022)
Epitome (2024)