In 2013 Vanvidd was founded with a grand vision of creating a new kind of Norwegian metal. The idea behind the band was to combine the no-nonsense black metal of the 90s with traditional folk music in a synthesis where pleasant, uptempo folk met with frostbitten, dark riffs with folklore and fairytales as its main thematic focus.
The result became an enchanting union of several different musical dimensions, all of them tied together by each individual instrument and driven forward by harsh, ferocious vocals which convey lyrics based on traditional storytelling, ancient norse and european sagas as well as contemporary poetry.
Vanvidd is a band which takes music rather seriously despite its sense of artistic self- irony and lyrical humour. Its members know to appreciate musical simplicity, granting their soundscape a healthy minimalistic and unpolished signature, avoiding excessive use of effects and sound manipulation.
On a musical and thematic level, Vanvidd is comparable to bands such as Moonsorrow, Finntroll, Kalmah, and Korpiklaani, but still maintains its creative integrity with a uniquely bewitching soundscape which comes from being an exclusively southern Norwegian folk metal band formed by the mighty waves of the Skagerrak.
Vanvidd is an ambitious band which has played concerts both locally and internationally despite its young crew. The Vanvidd congregation features six young mortals who are all passionately dedicated to the music they make, and who live to dish it out to all those who lust after darkness, derangement and adventures of lost and forgotten times.
The band released a self-titled debut-album in 2016.

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Vanvidd (2016)
Fødsel (EP 2019)
Under ei Morken Rot (2021)