Adultery: Three warriors on a mission to express their feelings. They raised their swords and sang, step by step they conquered the caves and improved their skills. This was how Adultery started in 1995. The First battle was a little later when ethnic instruments brought a lot of rest into the melee of metalviolence. They fought bravely for years until they took another turn after 12 years.
Vesna: The next fight has begun. The warriors are younger and stronger than ever and with a new violinist the First battle is delivered, the recording of an mini-CD Hrdos (pride).

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 Czech Republic


Age of Seven Towers (Adultery) (Demo 2001)
Age of Winter Kings (Adultery) (2003)
Slovanská krev (Adultery) (EP 2004)
Navia (Adultery) (DVD)
Navia (Adultery) (EP 2004)
Age of Rebirths (Adultery) (2006)
Slovanská Krev (EP 2009)



Not Active