Vesperia, which started as Bolero is existing for quite a while now. They try to create a style of their own, using influences form trash-, black-metal and traditional folk. The first full length “Voyage from Vinland” could be a hit in Europe.
In 2012 the band decides to change the name in Vesperia.
In 2015 they don’t only win the Wacken Metal Battle in Canada, which enables them to play on the worlds best known metalfestival, but they overcome the muddy 2015 edition and are announced overall winner of the Wacken Metal Battle.


First Wacken, then the World (2015)



Demo (Bolero)(Demo 2008)
Through the Ages (Bolero) (EP 2008)
Demo (Bolero) (Demo 2009)
Voyage from Vinland (2011)
The Swordsman (2012)
An Olden Tale (2013)
The Iron Tempest (EP 2015)