Vol’ga is a studio project from Rybinsk (Russia), composing music in a wide range of styles. The necessary element is Russian folk songs, and the project’s predominant basis is southern groove metal. Our songs are created at the boundary among Russian peasant songs, groove metal, grunge and garage psychedelics of the 60’s in the way we understand it. We do what we love.
Vol’ga is an independent non-commercial project, so you can always download their music or just listen to it for free in good enough quality.
This project is a free community of like-minded persons without a permanent line-up. This is a musical community, a virtual village, and a permanent rebirth.
Volf’ga is a project supporting the Tradition. They know what is the toil on the land, they follow the Wheel of the Year and its manifestations, and create in harmony with our Mother Nature.

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Heliolatry (2018)



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