voodoo kungfu

Voodoo Kungfu is an outstanding “World Heavy Metal Music” band. Before studying at Berklee College of Music, the singer was known as the “Ultimate Screaming Master ” in the Heavy Metal scene in China. He’s accepted for a scholarship to Berklee by performing original heavy metal.
Voodoo Kungfu gathered people from different places like Beijing, Mongolia and Tibet, and all these cultures give Voodoo Kungfu its unique flavor. This was the beginning, but to break through another heavy metal wall and fulfill a passion for world music in 2003 the singer went to Mongolia and Tibet to learn from their traditions, culture, and religions. It was a totally brainwashing trip to learn from a “Witch Shaman” and Lamas, to learn the singing skills of “ Chor ” (Kögemei) and “ Urtyn duu ” (Mongolian Long Song). The combination of these exotic musical elements has made Voodoo Kungfu the most famous heavy metal band in China. Later, Na Richa, the descendant of Witch Shaman, played a horsehead traditional string instrument for the band, the uniquely attractive horsehead string lines combining blending with the heavy and cruel background instruments and the awakening voice to create what some people saw as a curse. People believed in this Voodoo Kungfu curse, the most terrifying heavy metal band in China.

The journey had not ended. One day in 2008, the singer was bitten by his pet cobra, putting his life in danger. The antivenin could not arrive in time to prevent him falling into a deep coma. Most thought he would not survive, but a miracle happened-a Chinese folk doctor concocted a care of traditional medicine and he awoke from unconsciousness. The hospital was left on the 7th day, he walked into a recording studio, and began singing. In 2 days all the songs of the first Voodoo Kungfu album Ci An-Temporal Side were finished. The voice terrified the musicians, engineers, and studio staff, who all believed they had heard the most terrifying sound in the world. Maybe this is because he has been to Hell but survived to bring back the voice from Hell. The singing voice portrays the naked terror of Hell!

In 2012, after finishing their last tour of China, the singer left the country and studied voice principle at Berklee College of Music, and continued Voodoo Kungfu’ s music in the USA. Most importantly, with this hellish journey nailed into his memory, the voice from Hell sends its greetings through the music and performance.



零壹豪运专场 (Live in Haoyun) (Live 2006)
Voodoo Kungfu (2008)
零壹与中国民乐 / Voodoo Kungfu with the Traditional Folk Orchestra (Live 2010)
黑暗世界音乐 / Dark Age (2011)
Celestial Burial (2019)