Vorna a melodic black/folk metal band from Tampere, Finland was founded in 2008. They all shared the same, strong love for melodic black metal music. In the following few weeks the band was named after a character from the Finnish folklore; Vorna.
In the beginning of 2009 Vorna was expanded with a keyboard player. At that point the music had already got some folkish influences and keyboards were a perfect addition to create an even more melodic atmosphere. Although it was pretty certain right from the start that keyboards would be needed.
In 2009 Vorna played their first gig and recorded their first demo. The next two years were a relatively silent time. Two new demos were recorded in 2010 and 2011 and new songs were composed but members’ military services in Finnish Defense Forces kind of made a partial break unavoidable.
In 2012 started the talk about recording a full length album which would compile Vorna’s musical history so far. It was also clear that it was time for “a studio quality” release as the earlier demos were all homemade and as such didn’t represent the best sides of the material too well.
Lyrics are written in Finnish and often deal with themes like nature, myths and struggles of mind or emotions.



Menetetty (Demo 2009)
Ammoisen Päivän Raunioilla (Demo 2010)
Jäätynyt (Demo 2011)
Ajastaika (2013)
Ei Valo Minua Seuraa (2015)
Aaloista (Single 2016)
Sateet palata saavat (2019)
Aamunkoi (2023)