Wagakki is a rock entertainment band that combines Shigin, Japanese traditional instruments and rock music. After releasing their debut album ‘Vocalo Zanmai’ in 2014, which ranked in 5th in its first appearance in the Oricon weekly rankings, the album achieved top 10 status twice.
In July, the band excited over 4000 fans at the ’15th JAPAN EXPO 2014′ held in Paris, France. In Japan, the band hosted concerts in July and August and both of these events sold out within minutes.



Vocalo Zanmai Dai Ensoukai (2014)
Hanabi (DVD 2014)
Yasouemaki (2015)
Shikisai (2017)
Deep Impact (2017)
Kazu gakki bando dai shin’nenkai 2017 Tōkyō taiikukan – yuki no utage sakura no utage (2017)
Wagakki Band (2018)
Tokyo Singing (2020)
Starlight (EP 2021)