Warseid began in as the humble solo-project of the then 15 year-old guitarist and vocalist. In 2008, he deviated from a short lived death metal project and began composing songs to explore his long held interest in history and mythology. He entitled this project Varangian Guard, after the strong garrison of the Byzantine Emperors. Logan worked for several months to compose his music in solitude. However, he felt as though his work was incomplete and eventually began to entertain the idea of assimilating other musicians. Thus began the start of a growing folk metal band.
When a second guitarist was found they changed the name in Warseid and they recorded a first demo.
Shortly after this keys where added and Warseid was a five-piece band and a second demo was recorded.
They released a debut EP in 2010 which was due to the low budget not as nice as it could have been, but it marked a new beginning for the band.
Warseid includes many symphonic elements with their somewhat traditional sound. Their lyrical themes range from nature, to mythology and fantasy, often presented with very dark tones.

Warseid logo



Winter Legions (Demo 2009)
Autumn Winds (Demo 2010)
Sentry (EP 2010)
Where Fate Lies Unbound (2012)
A New Land to Find (2017)




Not Active