From far beyond the eastern hills.. through the icy moors of the frozen north and the scorching sands of the southern wastes.. the trolls have come.

Feasting, drinking, and drinking and feasting… Crushing all in their path…

Formed in the early decades of the 2000’s.ce after an ancient and evil chaos wizard cast them into the warp after discovering the party plundering his inner sanctum, and through a common bond of beer and metal, founding members Thorruk WarTroll and Gorebash Hammerhand soon began writing the first of many a sonic onslaught.

Thorruk’s past is one of great joy in battle, and great rage in defeat. Veteran and mercenary of the Gnome Wars beneath the Glitterpeak Mountains, now a thief, reaver, and wanderer. Singer of hate and sorrow. He leads the warparty on their many misadventures by barking out orders and assuming command, one day vowing to amass another great army and lead them to endless battles and victory! Let him tell you of the days of high adventure!

Gorebash Hammerhand, strongest and youngest of his tribe. Down from the moors in search of gold and plunder. A true marauder, raider, and berserker. His quests constantly see him in search of rum, ham, and glorious combat. Assuming command of his tribe after defeating his eldest twin in a ritual headbutting contest, Gorebash has allied himself, alongside with his clan, to the banners of Thorruk WarTroll in his saga for total war and ultimate glory!

The warsongs had been heard and soon their ranks swelled with the addition of fellow trolls and shebeasts.. Raiding parties were assembled for a few early shows and word soon began to spread.

The first demo, ‘Hyboria,’ was soon recorded and was only a taste of things to come. The band takes most of its influences from death/black/folk metal music with a strong lyrical base in the realms of both fantasy and history. In the fall of 2013ce the band began recording their first full length album “Battles and Victory” which was released in early 2015ce.

In time members changed with Dagathor Fleshrender taking up additional guitar roles and Tomas Thundersong joining on bass.

Apprentice to Xulton the Mad and member of the Dark Brotherhood, not much is known of Dagathor’s past. Even his purpose for questing with the party and joining Thorruk’s ranks remain known only to him. For now, he seems content to act as the tribes witchdoctor and shaman, conjuring powerful curses and the spirit of the elements to aide the tribe in glorious battle!

Tomas Thundersong made his way to the mighty Troll Keep in his own mysterious ways. Rogue, thief, assassin, bloodthirsty cutthroat. A sneakthief and rogue in the most murderous of fashions, few cross his path and live to tell the tale.

A new campaign was launched into the northern wastes in the year 2018ce to conquer the tribes and creatures that lurked within. The Orcish bards used these sagas to chronicle the tales of the now infamous warband in a new tome of audio warfare…


Interview (2019)

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Battles & Victory (2015)
Frozen Hordes (2019)