It’s not every band whose unique style of metal can coin a new term but Finland’s Whispered aren’t interested in playing by the rules. Melding northern melodic metal, nuances from Japanese folk and even the odd idea from a videogame soundtrack and you’re somewhere on the way to Whispered’s ‘samurai metal’.
Formed back in 2004, it was clear that from early on the love for Japan and its ancient culture would make its mark on forging the unique Whispered sound. This was cemented when was discovered that traditional Japanese instruments like shamisen, shakuhachi and koto perfectly compliment metal music.
The band’s debut album Thousand Swords, released in 2010, was a loose concept album based on the legend of Musashibō Benkei, a warrior monk (sōhei).

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Blindfold (Demo 2006)
Wrath of Heaven (Demo 2007)
Faceless (Single 2009)
Thousand Swords (2010)
Jikininki (Single 2013)
Shogunate Macabre (2014)
Sakura Omen (Single 2015)
Metsutan – Songs of the Void (2016)