Windir is an folkloristic black metal band from Sogndal in Norway. It started as a one-man project by Valfar in 1994. He was not satisfied with the musical progression in the bands in which he played and decided to start his own project. But he didn’t want anybody to interfere with his musical ideas, and to achieve this he decided it should be a one-manproject Windir. He recorded two demo’s in the First years and in 1996 he signed with label. A year after this the First official CD was released. This album was a nice mix of raw black metal and epic folk songs. He sang and played all instruments himself with a exception for the drums. A short while after this he started to work on the second album. To bring the complex music to perfection he decided to invite some studio musicians, but the vocals, rythmn guitars, bass, synths and accordion were done by himself. The folkloric side of Windir got stronger but didn’t soften the music. This album ‘1184’ was the beginning of a new chapter. Valfar wanted to present Windir as a band. On his hunt for perfection he found help with a band of friends and an composer. Despite the fact they wrote separately, the music became a whole. The old fans approved this new collaboration and it attracted new fans as well. The lyrics were written in Norse dialect called “Saognamaol”. The lyrics are about his town of birth Sogndal. There are some English lyrics as well in attempt of Windir to reach a larger audience. Unfortunately the band broke up in 2004 after the death of Valgar.
The remaining members started the melodic/death metal band Vreid.

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Sognariket (Demo 1994)
“Det gamle riket (Demo 1995)
Sóknardalr (1997)
Arntor (1999)
1184 (2001)
Likferd (2003)
Valfar, ein Windir (Compilatie 2004)
SognaMetal (DVD 2005)



Not Active