When you look at the coverart of the debutalbum of Wintersun, you immediately notice where this band is from, right Finland!. The land of the thousand lakes, where the winters are cold and long. Wintersun is a project of vocalist and multi instrumentalist Jare Maaenpaa, ex Ensiferum member. Powerful, majestic and with a lot of energy. The music of Wintersun has nice melodies and is influenced by folk and traditional Scandinavian music. The lyrics are personal, they’re about his life, feelings, emotions, hallucinations and dreams. On the debutalbum all instruments are by himself with only the help of a drummer. Even the clear vocals, metalvoice and vikingchoirs are all his voice.
Then it becomes quiet for years, until Wintersun appears in the line-up of Heidenfest 2011. In 2012 a second album is released. And Wintersun becomes one of the big acts.


Tons of Metal and a Lack of Oxygen (2015)
It’s Time for Wintersun (2012)

Wintersun logo



Winter madness (Demo 2004)
Wintersun (2004)
Live at Summer Breeze 2005 (DVD 2006)
Time I (2012)
The Forest Seasons (2017)

Beastival 2013
Heidenfest 2012
Heidenfest 2011