XIV Dark Centuries

This German band creates Heathen Thuringer Metal. The band was founded in 1998/1999 and a demo with 6 tracks was recorded. They saw themselves as a live-band, so the main focus was on performing. Together with two new guitarists in 2000 there came some new ideas about their music in the band. It also became easier to play the songs which became more complicated over the years live. In 2002 they released a self-produced demo “Dunkle Jahrhunderte”. At the end of the same year they decided to record 13 pagan songs in their own studio, which had to sound much more professional. Besides the clear vocals they also wanted to use typical black- and death metal vocals. The lyrics are written with the old stories and myths of old Thuringian religions of nature and their ancestors.
They inked a deal with a recordlabel which made it possible to distribute their CD’s throughout Europe.
Their style evolved over the years and the folk-elements get a larger part in the music. And the clear choirs become one of their trademarks.


Gems from the Thuringian Forest (2020)

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For your God (Demo 1999)
Dunkle Jahrhunderte (Demo 2002)
…Den Ahnen zum Grusse…(2003)
Jul (EP 2005)
Skitingi (2006)
Gizit dar Faida (2011)
Waldvolk (2019)

Ragnarök 2014
Black Trolls over Europe 2011
Black Troll Winterfest 2011
Straalschijfontketenfeest 2010
Ultima Ratio 2008