The idea came into the minds 2013, by Professor Carlos Arturo Martínez (General Director) and some of his students at the Francisco José de Caldas District University of Bogotá to participate in an community with Andean music and dance groups (Intillay, Fijhisca Ic Sua, Suamox and Teusaca are some of them).
Ynuk represents the lord of destiny from the ancestral mythology of the people, he throws the rope and indicates the path that must be followed towards life.
The musical coupling represents the resistance and the cultural legacy of the thought of the music of the Andes, together with the claim of the metal; creating this innovative musical fusion.
On stage, it is characteristic for having an answering spirit and especially native because through the sounds it awakens the sleeping memories and reactivates the belligerence of the being when listening.

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Señor del destino (Demo 2016)
Bagüe (Single 2019)
Tiempos de oscuridad (Single 2019)
Ynuk (2019)