Zalvarinis is a Folk metalband from Vilnius, Lituania. The band is founded in 2001 as a collaboration between the black metal band Ugnilakis and the pagan folk group Kulgrinda. That’s also where they got the title of their First album “Ugnelakis su Kulgrinda” from. Zalvarinis tries to build a bridge between the past and the present. They do this by breathing new life into folk songs and present them to the listener with a modern coating, but in a way the identity of the song remains. The songs are about folklore and Lituanians and the lyrics are in Lituanian as well. A lot of songs are sung in a traditional Lituanian way, so called sutartin, most of the times by three female singers. The First album had the most metal-influences, after that it became progressive rock mostly. And later on even the rock was derived from the music and only folk remained.

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Žalvarinis (2002)
Zalio Vario (2005)
Folk n’ Rock (2008)
Gyvas (2014)
TEKA (2016)
Einam tolyn (2017)
The Best of (2019)
Cantabile (2022)




Not Active