Znich is one of the founders of the Belarusian branch of the Pagan direction, the group was formed in the fall of 1996.
In May 1997 the band recorded their debut studio material, which was named “Yazychnik I …”. The band’s music at the time was a beautiful blend of doom / death with a predominance of keyboards. Texts were soaked pagan ideology.
2006 – the band recorded the third studio album “Kryzhov-Abyaregi.” The new record is characterized by a combination of gravity and good folk motifs, with those for folk-component stand out not only individual songs, but, as expected, there is a place for it in all the other compositions. In support of a confident and powerful riffs sound and violin, folk instruments and wind instruments.
With the release of the album “Mroya” the music is derived of the keys that makes the band’s sound surprising and interesting. The combination of Duda, growls and guitar picks the music of a new European level. Material Group opens Znich as composers in a new way. In their field Znich- is unmistakable personality.
Znich uses authentic instruments, a combination of traditional vocal techniques and strong growling distinguishes the group from many members of the style.

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Jazyčnik ja… (1997)
Duch ziamli (Demo 1999)
Adčuvańni viasny (EP 2000)
Zapaviety aposzniaha starca (2003)
Kryžy-abiarehi (2006)
Mroja (2011)
Slova Ziamli (EP 2016)
Čorny simval (2017)
Ruch Sonca (feat. Rutvica 2019)
Maci (2023)